One week completed, and a couple hundred weeks to finish 💩

I need to surround myself with more people that will be there for me when I’m down the most. :(










So this just happen at Georgia State University, they shot that man!


at least they fired 1 fucking shot and showed what looked like restraint

I guess they just pullin’ the trigga on errybody

unarmed black man being shot yet again smfh

You see that white motherfucker just walked away like it was nothing. Bitch, y’all probably had that shit planned too. “Hold him while I shoot him”.

a taser would do justice… this is so unnecessary…. god whyyyyyyyyyyy

see how the fuck is this even necessary??? the second he lays his hands on him it’s cause to shoot him but THIS GUY even manages to break one of the officer’s hands and no shots were fired, im so tired of this shit.

Okay, yall need to stop going into conclusions when yall don’t even know what happened. That man who was shot was the man who stabbed a GSU police officer in the back. Obviously that man needs to be handled since he had a weapon on him AND he was drinking.

When the moment comes, that’s when you know you’re at the right place and time. I’ll be there soon. Just not today.

My last day of a social life 😂 Cheers of freedom before school starts again.



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